Adobe Firefly and Lightroom Arrive on Apple Vision Pro

Experience text-to-image generation and photo editing in mixed reality with Adobe's Firefly and Lightroom apps, now available on the Apple Vision Pro headset.

Adobe Firefly and Lightroom Arrive on Apple Vision Pro
Image: Adobe

Text-to-Image Generation and Photo Editing in Mixed Reality

Adobe's Firefly AI, known for its generative fill capabilities in Photoshop, is launching as a native app on the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset. This announcement follows the earlier reveal of Lightroom for visionOS, the headset's operating system.

Firefly has been specifically designed for visionOS, allowing users to place AI-generated images directly onto real-world surfaces. The interface mirrors the web version, with users entering text prompts and generating four image options. These images can then be dragged and positioned within the environment.

A screenshot taken of the Adobe Firefly text-to-image AI tool for Apple’s Vision Pro headset, showing an example of an abstract structure.
Image: TheVerge

For commercial safety, the Firefly AI model embeds metadata into images, clearly marking them as AI-generated. Additionally, Adobe hints at future updates introducing "wrap-around panoramas, 360-degree environments, and more."

Lightroom on visionOS offers a simplified interface familiar to iPad users, optimized for hand gesture navigation. This streamlined approach contrasts with the feature-rich desktop version.

A screengrab taken of Adobe Lightroom running on the Apple Vision Pro.
Image: TheVerge

While creative VR applications exist on other platforms, such as Google's Tilt Brush, Apple's headset stands out for its ambition. Its focus on creative professionals and Adobe's commitment to Apple Silicon compatibility could justify the Vision Pro's $3,500 price tag for certain users.