Figma to Lottie Plugin Introduces Components Support in Latest Update

The Figma to Lottie plugin adds a new feature, allowing designers to work with new and existing Figma components.

Figma to Lottie Plugin Introduces Components Support in Latest Update
Image: Lottie

Arriving just in time for the Christmas weekend, Figma to Lottie's recent update brings variant components support, giving designers more control over individual elements when creating animations in Figma. It makes creating complex animations easier and more precise, improving the overall motion design experience within Figma.


About LottieFiles for Figma

The LottieFiles plugin for Figma empowers users to effortlessly generate both single and multi-frame animations while seamlessly integrating their private animation library directly into Figma's workspace.

With compatibility for Lottie (.json) and dotLottie (.lottie) formats, the plugin ensures seamless importation, addressing the absence of native support for Lottie (.json) in Figma.

Goal and Core Functionalities

This update streamlines animation creation within Figma, offering users the ability to export animations as production-ready assets. By focusing on accessibility, LottieFiles for Figma aims to empower designers, developers, and marketers with a user-friendly platform for crafting captivating animations, reducing the typical learning curve associated with animation design.

This update signifies Figma to Lottie's commitment to refining animation workflows within Figma, giving users enhanced control and ease of use in exploring motion design without the complexities of specialized software (e.g. Adobe After Effects) or steep learning curves.