Framer's May update enhances design with new features

Framer Enhances Design Workflows with Responsive Stacks, Text Strokes, and More in May Update.

Framer's May update enhances design with new features

Framer's May Update introduces a significant range of improvements designed to elevate the user experience and empower more efficient design workflows.


Stacks now boast default responsive sizing, featuring a width of 1FR or 100% and automatic height adjustments for effortless layout creation.

Text layers benefit from the introduction of a new Text Stroke property, allowing for customization of color and width for richer text presentations. Additionally, comprehensive Masking support encompassing Alpha and Luminance options empowers advanced design effects.

The Preview functionality gains a dedicated Breakpoint Switcher and accompanying shortcuts for seamless navigation between breakpoints. Text property management is streamlined with the introduction of copy and paste functionality via right-click menus.

A new Google Bot tag empowers granular control over the content displayed by Google for individual layers, ensuring optimal Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices.

Additional updates and bug fixes

  • Improved functionality for copying, pasting, and duplicating Masks and Shadows.
  • Resolved issues affecting text editing in Fit Text layers, File variables in Video Components, and 3D animations with Depth: 0 settings.
  • Fixed bugs related to Screen dropdown selection on Canvas Pages, Variant loss in Effects, layer sizing in Absolute Grid layouts, group outlines in Graphics, mask breakpoint overrides, Transition Delays in Components, 3D rotation animations, and Interaction overrides removal.