Google introduced Find My Device network for Android

Google's Find My Device network launches in US and Canada. Network aids location of offline devices via Bluetooth. Pixel 8/Pro findable even when powered off. Third-party tracker tags and headphone support coming in May.

Google introduced Find My Device network for Android
Image: Google

The Find My Device (FMD) network, a crowdsourced initiative leveraging over a billion Android 9+ devices, is now available in the US and Canada. This network assists users in locating lost Android phones and tablets, with support for headphones to follow soon. Additionally, compatibility with third-party Find My Device Bluetooth tags will be introduced in May.

Previously, the Find My Device app required an internet connection (Wi-Fi or cellular) to locate lost devices. This new offering overcomes that limitation, enabling location tracking even for offline devices through Bluetooth. Notably, Pixel 8 and 8 Pro can be found "even if they're powered off or the battery is dead" due to "specialized Pixel hardware." Google is collaborating with other Android OEMs and chipmakers to extend this capability to premium devices in the future.

In May, coinciding with the expected release of iOS 17.5 and its unknown tracker alerts, the network will expand to include compatible Bluetooth tracker tags. Chipolo and Pebblebee will be the first to launch FMD-enabled devices next month, followed by "eufy, Jio, Motorola, and more" later this year. Integration with headphones from JBL, Sony, and other manufacturers is also anticipated.

Users can manage their devices through the Find My Device app, which displays a list of connected devices. Selecting a device and tapping "Find nearby" allows users to play sounds and receive proximity hints such as "Device is close," "...very close," and "It's here." The app utilizes a Material You shape that "fills as you get closer to the device," indicating connection progress.

Another noteworthy feature involves leveraging Nest speakers and displays as reference points. The FMD app can identify a "lost device's proximity to your home Nest devices," such as "last seen near Living Room."

The Find My Device network is enabled by default with contributions set to "With network in high-traffic areas only." Users can adjust these settings to Off, Without network, or With network in all areas, depending on their preference for privacy and network participation.