Android Rolls Out New “Voice Moods”, Home Status, Assistant Routines, and More Customization Features

From personalized expressions to seamless smart home control, the latest Android update redefines the way you engage with your devices.

Android Rolls Out New “Voice Moods”, Home Status, Assistant Routines, and More Customization Features
Image: Google

In the ever-evolving landscape of Android, the latest features and updates are not just functional enhancements; they're an exploration of personalization possibilities across Android phones, tablets, Wear OS smartwatches, and Google TV. Let's dive into some key highlights:

React Bigger and Express Yourself

  • What's cooking? Remix your favorite emojis and share them as expressive stickers via Gboard. Show yourself in endless creative ways with new Emoji Kitchen Sticker Combinations.
  • Voice Moods in Google Messages: Introduces unique backgrounds and animated emoji themes to voice messages, enhancing the dynamics of your expressions.
  • Reaction Effects in Google Messages: Sparks full-screen animated emojis for lively interactions, expressing excitement, surprise, or confusion.

Enjoy Your Time at Home with More Choices

  • Over 10 New Free TV Channels on Google TV: Explore a variety of movies, sports, and game shows without additional subscriptions. A total of over 115 free channels to discover.
  • Smart Home Control on Wear OS: Control compatible devices, from smart appliances to lighting groups, conveniently from your Wear OS smartwatch.
Control multiple lights at once from your smartwatch.
  • Google Home Status on Wear OS: Set your Home or Away status directly from your smartwatch, aligning smart home devices with your presence.

Make Daily Tasks Easier

  • Coming soon, you can start Assistant Routines right from your Wear OS smartwatch with a voice command to get more done on the go. For example, if you have a ‘commuting to work’ routine set-up that helps you navigate to work, check the weather and hear your day’s agenda, then at any time of day you can start that routine by saying “Hey Google, commuting to work.”
Manage your day and secure your info on the go.

Manage Your Day and Enhance Security

  • Seamless Security Key Login: Set a custom PIN on FIDO2 security keys for a secure yet seamless login experience.
Protect your information with simplified security.
  • Assistant At a Glance on Watch Face: Stay informed with a shortcut on your watch face, providing crucial information like weather alerts and event reminders.

Access Calls and Content Conveniently

  • AI Image Descriptions: TalkBack uses AI to describe images aloud, ensuring accessibility for those who are blind or low-vision.
  • Live Captions for Calls and Media: Live Caption expands to more Android devices, offering live captions during phone calls and on-device media. Reply to calls with text responses read aloud.

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