New EU law will turn iPhone into Android

Apple will be forced to allow sideloading and third-party app stores under new EU law.

New EU law will turn iPhone into Android

The Digital Markets Act came into force in the European Union. It concerns technology companies and has a significant impact on the market. The law requires companies to:

  • Allow deleting standard applications and changing default settings;
  • Povide users with the ability to install third-party applications and application stores;
  • Provide users with a simple unsubscribe from services;
  • Limit more active advertising of their services than competitors;
  • And also prohibits tracking users outside of its own platform.

All conditions must be met by May 1, 2023. As you can see, nothing will change much for Android smartphones, but big changes are coming for the iPhone. So, for example, the company will have to allow users to replace Siri with another assistant, the AppStore with another store, and Apple Pay with another payment service.

The new EU rules are meant to make the digital sector more fair and competitive. Under the Digital Markets Act (DMA), the rules will apply to tech giants that meet its "gatekeeper" criteria. And Apple will almost certainly be classified as a "gatekeeper".

Also from 2024, Apple will switch from the Lightning charging port to USB-C. Thus, the IT giant is ready to fulfill the requirement of the European Parliament to introduce common charging ports for electronic devices in the EU.

But there are rumors that Apple decided to make money even on the transition to USB-C. According to supply chain insiders, the new charging port will only be on the iPhone 15 Pro versions to make it more willing to buy. Regular versions of the iPhone 15 will retain the Lightning connector.

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