Spain introduces new system of pornographic identification

The Spanish government tries to protect children from adult content on the Internet

Spain introduces new system of pornographic identification

The Spanish government has suddenly decided to prevent children from accessing adult content online and introduce the "porn passport". 

A new app called "Digital Wallet Beta" will enable internet platforms to verify whether a potential user is over the age of 18 before they can access adult content. Users will need to download the app and verify their age in order to access adult content. After verification, users will receive 30 "porn credits", which are valid for one month. These credits can be used to access adult material. If users need more credits, they can request additional ones. 

The implementation of the new system will be voluntary, and online platforms will be able to rely on other age verification methods to identify underage users.

Ultimately, Madrid's current system of pornographic identification may be replaced by the European Union's Digital Identification System, (eIDAS2)- a
 wallet- application that will allow people to access various public and private services throughout the EU.

The system will be available by the end of summer.