Spotify introduced a new AI tool for creating playlists

Spotify launches AI Playlist beta for Premium users (UK & Australia) to create personalized playlists with text descriptions. This expands their use of AI for music discovery.

Spotify introduced a new AI tool for creating playlists
image: Spotify

Popular music streaming service Spotify is expanding its use of artificial intelligence (AI) for music discovery with the launch of a new AI Playlist beta tool. Following the introduction of AI-powered playlist generation within its DJ feature in 2023, this beta program allows users to create personalized playlists based on text descriptions. Initially available to Spotify Premium subscribers on mobile devices in the United Kingdom and Australia, the AI Playlist beta offers a novel approach to playlist creation.

A screenshot taken of the new Spotify AI Playlist feature in the iOS app.

Spotify, a leading music streaming platform facilitating nearly 2 billion daily music discoveries, is further innovating with the launch of AI Playlist beta. Building upon successful features like AI DJ and daylists, this new tool empowers Spotify Premium subscribers to personalize their music discovery journey.

AI Playlist beta offers a unique approach to playlist creation. Users can leverage text descriptions to effortlessly generate playlists that perfectly align with their specific needs and preferences. Initially available for users on Android and iOS devices in the United Kingdom and Australia, AI Playlist utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Through a user-friendly interface, users can simply enter a unique prompt describing their desired playlist, such as "relaxing indie folk playlist," "calming music for allergies," or "playlist for self-confidence."

Catering to both novice and experienced playlist creators, AI Playlist utilizes advanced personalization technology combined with AI to curate the ideal musical selections for individual preferences. Spotify's AI Playlist beta offers a wide range of prompt options for generating personalized playlists. Prompts can reference locations, animals, activities, movie characters, colors, or even emojis! The system performs best with prompts that combine elements like genres, moods, artists, or specific decades. As a new feature currently in beta testing, AI Playlist will undergo continuous improvement and innovation. Users can expect further development and refinement of the user experience in the future.


Location and Activation: Spotify's AI Playlist beta is currently available for Premium subscribers on Android and iOS devices in the United Kingdom and Australia. Users can access the feature by navigating to the "Your Library" section within the Spotify mobile app. Selecting the "+" button located in the top-right corner will reveal a menu where users can choose "AI Playlist."

Prompt Selection and Refinement: AI Playlist offers pre-selected prompts for user guidance, with the option to create unique prompts for playlist generation. Specificity is encouraged; examples include "sad music for painting dying flowers" or "tracks for a horseback ride at sunset." Following prompt selection, Spotify curates a playlist based on the described mood or theme. Users can then preview individual tracks and remove them to personalize their selections. Additionally, the playlist can be further refined by providing feedback to AI Playlist through prompts like "more pop" or "less upbeat."

Playlist Creation and Availability: Once satisfied with the curated playlist, users can tap "Create" to save it automatically within their Spotify library.

Spotify's AI Playlist beta personalizes music discovery for Premium subscribers (UK & Australia) using user data and text prompts. Currently in beta, the tool prioritizes music-related prompts and offers safeguards against offensive content. Spotify remains committed to optimizing the user experience through ongoing development of this new feature.