Apple Introduces Redesigned iCloud for Windows, Releases Apple Music and Apple TV

Apple streamlines Windows experience with redesigned iCloud & standalone Apple Music & TV apps. iTunes remains for podcasts & audiobooks.

Apple Introduces Redesigned iCloud for Windows, Releases Apple Music and Apple TV
Image: 9to5mac

Windows users gain more focused applications and streamlined iCloud experience.

Apple has updated its Windows ecosystem with several key developments.

New iCloud for Windows:

  • Improved Navigation and Clarity: The redesigned iCloud app offers a more intuitive user interface, simplifying access to various synced content categories.
  • Enhanced Onboarding and Progress Tracking: New users benefit from a streamlined onboarding process, while others gain visibility into content syncing progress.
  • Performance and Security Boosts: Faster syncing with Microsoft Photos, support for physical security keys for Apple ID, and reduced sign-in prompts elevate both convenience and security.
Image: 9to5mac

Apple Music and Apple TV Graduate from Preview:

  • Dedicated Applications: As part of the ongoing transition, Apple Music and Apple TV now function as standalone apps, mirroring the Mac experience.
  • Completing the Ecosystem: Joining the existing Devices app, these app releases solidify the separation from the legacy iTunes, offering more focused user experiences.
Image: 9to5mac
Image: 9to5mac

iTunes Retained for Specific Functions:

  • Playing Podcasts and Audiobooks: While functionalities are shifting, iTunes on Windows remains essential for accessing existing podcast and audiobook libraries.
  • Future App Releases Unconfirmed: Information regarding dedicated Podcasts and Books apps for Windows remains unavailable.

These updates demonstrate Apple's commitment to modernizing its Windows offerings, providing a more intuitive and efficient experience for its users.