Apple plans to integrate AI into Vision Pro

Apple's AI ambitions surpass the initially announced Apple Intelligence launches on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Now, it appears that Apple is also planning to bring this technology to the Vision Pro.

Earlier this month, Apple introduced their AI product, Apple Intelligence. At the announcement, Apple committed to integrating this technology solely into the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, Apple is now also developing these features for its Vision Pro headsets.

This will happen no earlier than next year. Apple's user interface development team needs to ensure that Apple Intelligence is appropriate for mixed reality. The company also needs to verify that it has enough cloud computing capabilities to support more devices.

Additionally, the company is introducing a new "Go Deeper" option in its store demonstrations, as reported by Gurman. This includes testing office functionalities, watching videos, and transitioning to the Dual Loop band, which wraps around wearers' heads from above and around the back, replacing the single-strap Solo Loop band that some users find uncomfortable.