Discord Redesigned Its App to Enhance the User Experience on Mobile Devices

Discord is aiming to create a unique user experience by stepping away from the previous web and desktop mirroring.

Discord Redesigned Its App to Enhance the User Experience on Mobile Devices

Discord, a leading messaging app renowned for community building, recently introduced a major redesign to its mobile app, aiming to optimize the user experience for on-the-go interactions. The update, rolled out on December 5, 2023, brings a bunch of new features and visual enhancements, reflecting Discord's commitment to adapting to the evolving needs of its diverse user base.

Mobile-First Optimization

The core focus of the redesign is a shift toward a mobile-first approach, departing from the previous strategy of replicating the web and desktop layouts. This adjustment is intended to enhance Discord's functionality on smaller screens, accommodating plenty of features that have been integrated over the years. The update is particularly geared towards making Discord more competitive among other mobile-first instant messaging apps.

Visual Enhancements and Customization

The redesigned mobile app brings visual enhancements, including a redesigned profile page that highlights Discord's emphasis on personalized profiles. Users can now enjoy better media sharing capabilities, supporting larger file sizes for pictures and videos. Additionally, Discord introduces a much-requested "Midnight" theme, featuring a pure black background to conserve battery life and reduce eye strain.

Streamlined Navigation with New Tabs

Discord introduces a streamlined navigation system with the incorporation of new tabs at the bottom of the screen. Users now have quick access to important sections, including Servers, Messages, Notifications, and a personalized You tab, enhancing the overall efficiency of the mobile interface.

Servers tab (left) and You tab (right)

Dedicated Messages Section

A notable improvement is the introduction of a dedicated Messages section within the app. This consolidated space brings together Direct Messages (DMs) and Group Direct Messages (GDMs), simplifying the user experience. The addition of a status area at the top provides real-time updates on friends' activities, fostering seamless entry into ongoing conversations.

Messages Tab (left), and DM And GDM Details Page

Updated Search Functionality

Discord addresses user feedback by revamping the search functionality. The global search bar enables users to effortlessly search through messages, attachments, pinned messages, and files. This comprehensive search feature simplifies information retrieval within the app, addressing the diverse communication needs of Discord users.

Improved Voice and Video UI

Discord enhances the user experience during voice and video calls with a new mobile-friendly UI. The update aims to create a more comfortable and intuitive virtual calling environment, catering to users engaging in conversations on the go.

Voice & Video Calls UI

In the call, users can minimize voice call within Discord, open call details, change audio to speakerphone and invite friends to call (top bar icons). The rocket icon at the bottom of the voice call is allowing to screenshare or start an activity.

Performance Optimizations

Beyond visual and functional updates, Discord prioritizes performance improvements in the mobile app redesign. The company claims a significant reduction in app open times on both Android and iOS platforms, along with a notable decrease in crash rates for Android users. These optimizations contribute to a faster, more reliable experience for users navigating between channels and conversations.

User Discontent and Criticisms

The discontent among users is evident on platforms like X (formerly known as Twitter) and Reddit, where a lot of complaints has surfaced.

  • The primary point of contention revolves around the dissonance between the desktop and mobile versions, leading to a clash with users' ingrained muscle memory. Many express frustrations as the update goes far beyond the familiar layout, hindering their ability to navigate seamlessly.
  • Compounding user dissatisfaction is the revelation that the update is forced server-side, meaning users have no option to revert to the previous layout. This lack of flexibility has led to frustration among the user base, leading some to voice their dissatisfaction by cancelling their Discord Nitro subscriptions.

Discord has published the support page addressing users' need to adapt to the changes in the new layout.

Discord's Intentions and Challenges

Discord's decision to revamp its mobile layout was driven by the need to better accommodate the myriad features added over the years and to tap into the growing mobile user base. However, the company now faces the challenge of reconciling these enhancements with user expectations and habits developed over an extended period.


Discord's mobile app redesign introduces a range of features designed to enhance the user experience on smaller screens. While user feedback has been varied, with some expressing dissatisfaction over the departure from the familiar layout, the update brings valuable improvements catering to the diverse communication needs of Discord's extensive user base. As Discord continues to refine its mobile experience, the spotlight remains on the platform's ability to balance innovation with user expectations.