Google Chrome gains real-time URL protection on Mac and iOS

Google Safe Browsing upgrades to real-time URL protection in Chrome. This enhances user protection against phishing, malware, and unwanted software. Leveraging Google's server-side list and Oblivious HTTP with Fastly preserves user privacy. Enhanced Protection with AI is also available.

Google Chrome gains real-time URL protection on Mac and iOS
Image: Macrumors

Google announced an upgrade to its Safe Browsing technology, introducing real-time URL protection for Chrome users. This update aims to enhance user safety by safeguarding against malicious websites, including phishing attempts, malware, and unwanted software.

Previously, Chrome's Standard protection relied on a device-stored list updated every 30-60 minutes. The new system leverages Google's server-side list of known malicious sites, enabling real-time checks for each visited URL. This approach is anticipated to increase phishing attempt blocking by 25%.

To ensure user privacy, Google has partnered with Fastly to implement an Oblivious HTTP privacy server that acts as an intermediary between Chrome and Safe Browsing. This server protects user IP addresses and mixes Safe Browsing checks with those from other users.

Chrome users have the option to enable Enhanced Protection, a Safe Browsing mode that utilizes AI for advanced attack blocking and safeguards against malicious Chrome extensions.

In a related update, Google has enhanced Password Checkup on iOS devices. Beyond identifying compromised passwords, the feature now flags weak and reused passwords for improved security.