Google Meet now allows to switch devices during call

Google Meet simplifies call management. Users can now seamlessly switch between devices during calls, eliminating disconnects and rejoins. This fosters a more adaptable work experience for the modern hybrid environment.

Google Meet now allows to switch devices during call
Image: Google

Improved Flexibility for Today's Hybrid Work Environment

Google Meet is pleased to announce an update that streamlines call management across devices. Users can now seamlessly transition between devices during an ongoing call, eliminating the need to disconnect and rejoin. This enhanced functionality empowers a more flexible work experience, ideal for today's hybrid environment where users may transition between various workspaces throughout the day.

For instance, a user participating in a Meet call on a mobile device can effortlessly transfer the call to their laptop upon arriving at their desk. This is facilitated by the new "Switch here" option, which appears when joining a meeting on a secondary device. Selecting this option seamlessly transfers the call while preserving the conversation flow, ensuring users never miss a beat.