Lightroom: Fast AI editing with Firefly Remove

Lightroom users can now leverage Generative Remove, a new feature as accessible as cropping or applying presets. This tool tackles even complex backgrounds, allowing for the removal of stains on patterned clothing, wrinkles in food photography, unwanted water reflections, and more.

Lightroom: Fast AI editing with Firefly Remove

Adobe (Nasdaq: ADBE) introduces Generative Remove, a new feature powered by Adobe Sensei's machine learning technology, Firefly. This addition to Lightroom integrates seamlessly into existing mobile, web, and desktop workflows, allowing users to effortlessly remove unwanted objects from photos.


Generative Remove surpasses previous object removal tools in Lightroom. It offers non-destructive editing, enabling users to remove distractions with a single click. The tool intelligently analyzes the surrounding area and generates pixel-perfect replacements, ensuring high-quality, realistic edits. This functionality benefits both casual and professional photographers. Casual users can eliminate distractions from personal photos, while professionals gain a time-saving tool for retouching with finer control.



During its early access phase, Adobe actively seeks feedback from the photography community to refine the model and expand its capabilities within the Lightroom ecosystem.

  • Lens Blur: Now generally available, Lens Blur seamlessly adds aesthetic blur effects in a single click. The update introduces all-new automatic presets for further streamlined editing.
  • Expanded tethering support: New camera support includes the latest Sony digital cameras such as the Alpha 7 IV and Alpha 7R V. This allows real-time access to photos in Lightroom Classic, saving time on editing workflows and facilitating collaboration.
  • HDR Optimization: Already used for tens of millions of images, HDR Optimization empowers users to edit and export photos with improved highlights, deeper shadows, and more vivid colors, reflecting a more natural look.
  • Instant photo library access: Both mobile and desktop Lightroom applications now offer instant access to photo libraries, enabling faster editing than ever before.
  • Streamlined mobile editing experience: Lightroom's mobile editing interface prioritizes the most popular features, offering a faster and more intuitive editing experience.