LinkedIn launches in-stream games for professionals

LinkedIn launches in-stream thinking games for professionals. These daily puzzles provide mental breaks & boost engagement. Pinpoint, Queens, & Crossclimb offer individual & team-based challenges. Leaderboards track performance across connections, companies, & schools.

LinkedIn launches in-stream games for professionals

LinkedIn recently launched a new feature: in-stream games. These thinking-oriented games are designed to provide professionals with a brief mental break during their workday. This new element aims to not only boost engagement but also foster connections among professionals.

Initially, three games will be available: Pinpoint (word association), Queens (logic), and Crossclimb (trivia). Each game will have a daily edition, ensuring a quick and refreshing experience. Performance will be tracked on a leaderboard, showcasing comparative results between connections, companies, and schools.

This addition aligns with LinkedIn's goal of increasing user engagement. Similar to popular daily puzzle games like Worldle, these in-stream games offer a competitive and engaging distraction during the workday. The gamification aspect, coupled with cross-company leaderboards, may incentivize participation among employees fostering a sense of team spirit.

Overall, LinkedIn's experimentation with in-stream games represents a strategic move to further enhance user engagement. While its alignment with the platform's broader mission of professional opportunity connection remains a potential point of discussion, it offers a novel way for professionals to connect and take a break.