MoonPay & PayPal Partner: Streamlined Crypto Purchases in US

MoonPay and PayPal collaborate to streamline fiat-to-crypto purchases for US users leveraging existing PayPal accounts.

MoonPay & PayPal Partner: Streamlined Crypto Purchases in US
image: newsroom.paypal

MoonPay and PayPal have partnered to offer a streamlined fiat-to-cryptocurrency transaction process for users in the United States. This integration leverages existing PayPal accounts to facilitate cryptocurrency purchases for U.S. residents.

MoonPay, a leading Web3 infrastructure company, announces a collaboration with PayPal. This integration allows MoonPay users in the United States to seamlessly purchase cryptocurrency using their existing PayPal account.

The partnership streamlines transactions for new MoonPay users familiar with PayPal for online purchases. Users can fund their cryptocurrency purchases through their PayPal Balance, direct bank withdrawal, or debit card without manual information entry. Additionally, MoonPay leverages PayPal's security measures, which withhold full financial information during transactions.


  • Expanded payment options: MoonPay users now have the flexibility to leverage PayPal alongside existing payment methods.
  • Diverse token support: MoonPay continues to offer a wide range of cryptocurrencies for purchase.
  • Simplified transactions: Fund cryptocurrency purchases directly through PayPal, eliminating the need for additional account creation or payment information entry.
  • Streamlined onboarding: Existing PayPal users can effortlessly make their first MoonPay purchase.
  • Availability: PayPal is currently available for MoonPay users in the United States and will be accessible through MoonPay’s partner networks by mid-2024.