Telegram Stories to Become Accessible for Users without Premium Subscription

In the fresh beta version of Telegram, it finally became possible to publish stories without a Premium subscription. At the same time, some privileges will remain for paid subscribers.

Telegram Stories to Become Accessible for Users without Premium Subscription
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An upcoming update to Telegram, version 10.0, is on the horizon, coinciding with the messenger's decade-long journey. The Beta version for Android was released yesterday, introducing several new features related to Telegram Stories.

The ability to create and share Stories will be made available to all users, including those without a Telegram Premium subscription, although currently limited to the Beta version of the messenger.

The lifespan of these "Stories" will be 24 hours. Without a subscription, users can publish up to three stories per day, while Telegram Premium subscribers can publish up to a hundred. You can publish up to 7 stories per week (70 with a subscription), and 30 per month (300 with a subscription).

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At the same time, Premium subscribers will still have a number of privileges, in addition to the ability to publish more Stories. Among them:

  • Priority Order: Premium subscribers' stories will be displayed first in the list.
  • Stealth Mode: Users will have the ability to discreetly view others' Stories. This feature can be manually activated within the viewing menu.
  • Story Viewing Archive: you can find out the list of users who have viewed your history, even after its expiration.
  • Extended Lifespan: Instead of the standard 24-hour duration, users can choose a different lifespan for their Stories, ranging from 6 to 48 hours.
  • Saving stories: The option to save others' Stories to the device's memory will be available, unless the author explicitly prohibits it.
  • Longer Captions: The character limit for captions on Stories has been extended to 2048 characters.
  • Links and Formatting: Users can incorporate links and format text within Story captions.

In addition, the ability to include geolocation information in Stories has been introduced.

Telegram Stories were introduced on July 20th. It was also revealed at that time that initially, only Premium subscribers would be able to publish Stories.

Stories Now Available on Telegram
Telegram has officially launched Stories. Currently, the feature is exclusively accessible to Premium subscribers.
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