Telegram to Launch Stories in Early July

Today, in his Telegram channel, Telegram CEO Pavel Durov announced Stories in the messaging app. The function will be launched in early July.

Telegram to Launch Stories in Early July
Image: Telegram

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov made an unexpected announcement today on his Telegram channel — Stories are coming to the messaging app. This feature is set to be launched in early July, adding a new dimension to the Telegram experience.

According to the creators of Telegram, the ability to save your stories on the profile page will make Telegram profiles more informative and colorful. Users will not only be able to view more content from their closest contacts, but will finally get to know more information about the users they chat with in groups or in channel comments.

Image: Telegram

They also highlight the following features of future Telegram stories:

  • Privacy: Users will be able to control who sees each of their stories.
  • Compact interface: The stories will be placed in an expandable section at the top of the chat list.
  • Flexibility: Stories can be easily hidden.
  • Captions: Users will be able to edit photos and videos, as well as add captions to them and tag other people.
  • Dual camera support: Users will be able to post stories captured by the front and rear cameras at the same time.
  • Availability time setting: Users will be able to choose the time of the life of the story.