Billie Eilish teams up with TikTok to launch innovative Fan Spotlight

TikTok announced the launch of Fan Spotlight, a new feature that puts artists in the driver's seat to highlight their favorite fan videos. This artist-first initiative allows creators to showcase their work directly on the artist's music tab, potentially gaining immense exposure and recognition.

Billie Eilish teams up with TikTok to launch innovative Fan Spotlight

TikTok unveils Fan Spotlight, a novel artist-centric feature. This functionality allows artists to curate and display their favorite fan videos directly on their music tabs. Artists have the ability to select up to five fan videos for designation as "Fan Spotlight," effectively pinning them to the top of their music tabs for a maximum of seven days. Creators whose videos are chosen as Fan Spotlight will receive a notification. Following the seven-day period, artists can choose new fan videos to spotlight.

The launch of Fan Spotlight coincided with global superstar Billie Eilish's "#HITMEHARDANDSOFT" takeover campaign on TikTok in celebration of her new album of the same name. Eilish's campaign offered fans a multi-faceted experience encompassing curated playlists, challenges with exclusive profile artwork rewards, and the potential to be featured within the "#HITMEHARDANDSOFT" initiative. Fans were able to discover the dedicated Billie Eilish hub through unique entry points, including a fan-exclusive icon displayed across their For You feeds. Additionally, fans encountering Eilish's name or the album's track names on TikTok were presented with special HIT ME HARD AND SOFT-themed animations.

The new Fan Spotlight feature is now available for all artists on TikTok.