YouTube has updated its tool for removing copyrighted music

YouTube has updated its tool "Erase song", allowing creators to quickly remove copyrighted music from videos while preserving dialogue and sound effects unchanged.

YouTube has updated its tool for removing copyrighted music
Image: Alex Castro / The Verge

YouTube has released an updated tool called "Erase song" that helps content creators easily remove any copyrighted music from their videos without affecting other audio files such as dialogue or sound effects.

This feature is implemented using an enhanced artificial intelligence algorithm to better detect, accurately identify, and remove content that contains copyright claims.

Image: Youtube

When you press the "Erase song" function, two options will appear on the screen. These include removing the song and muting all sounds. If the creator chooses to mute all sounds, then all music between the specified time markers will be deleted.

In situations where the "Erase song" feature does not successfully resolve a copyright claim for a specific video clip, creators have the option to explore additional editing parameters through YouTube Studio, such as "Trim out segment" or "Replace song".

Image: YouTube