YouTube has introduced AI functions for creating music

YouTube with Google DeepMind announced the function Music AI Tools for creating music.

YouTube has introduced AI functions for creating music
Image: YouTube

Music AI Tools uses the advanced Lyria model and allows users to generate original soundtracks for short video.
Using the service, you can create a composition by simply humming a melody. It works like this: the user downloads or records a melody through the service, selects instruments, effects and their intensity. Then, based on the given data, the neural network generates a melody on a specific instrument.
Here you can see one of the examples of Music AI Tools.
Selected channel authors will be able to test this tool before the end of the year.

Another new feature is called Dream Track.
It allows users to create their own soundtracks based on the description. So, the user can enter a text query describing the desired emotions, environment or theme, and Dream Track will generate the appropriate music. At the moment, it is possible to generate a 30-second composition in the style of one of the performers who participate in the experiment. These are Alec Benjamin, Charlie Puth, Charli XCX, Demi Lovato, John Legend, Papoose, Sia, T-Pain, and Troye Sivan.

In the near future, YouTube plans to expand the set of AI tools for music to support the creativity of aspiring musicians and simplify the process of creating music.