Zoom unveils app for Apple Vision Pro, elevating collaboration to new heights

Zoom transcends physical boundaries with its groundbreaking app for Apple Vision Pro, launching February 2nd. Immerse yourself in meetings and collaborate like never before, with features like spatial Zoom experience, authentic avatars, and seamless 3D object sharing.

Zoom unveils app for Apple Vision Pro, elevating collaboration to new heights
Image: Zoom

Seamlessly blending video conferencing with the physical world, Zoom's app for Apple Vision Pro pushes the boundaries of remote interaction and collaboration. Launching February 2nd, this groundbreaking solution empowers distributed teams to connect in a more immersive and natural environment, bridging the gap between physical and virtual meetings.

"Zoom on Apple Vision Pro transcends distance and location, fostering collaboration regardless of how, when, or where people work," stated Smita Hashim, Zoom's Chief Product Officer. "Through this seamless integration with visionOS, we expand our platform's promise, offering exceptional meeting experiences and reaffirming our dedication to seamless communication."

Empowering the Future of Work:

In today's hybrid landscape, Zoom empowers users to connect, collaborate, and achieve peak productivity with colleagues and clients. The native Zoom experience on Apple Vision Pro delivers exceptional audio and video quality, alongside intuitive functionalities for meeting management, including scheduling, joining, and collaboration.

Apple Vision Pro users can look forward to:

  • Personas: Authentic avatars seamlessly blend facial expressions and hand gestures into meetings, fostering enhanced connection and communication.
  • Spatial Zoom Experience: Dynamically scale meetings to create an immersive environment, replicating the feeling of being physically present with colleagues and clients.

Additional Features (Spring 2024):

  • 3D Object Sharing: Collaborate on 3D models and designs in context, revolutionizing workflows in fields like media and design.
  • Zoom Team Chat: Streamline communication and collaboration with seamless integration of Team Chat directly within the Zoom app.
  • Real-world Pinning: Pin up to five participants anywhere in your physical space, enhancing connection and engagement by removing visual barriers.

Zoom's commitment to innovation reflects its dedication to shaping the future of work. By leveraging the cutting-edge capabilities of Apple Vision Pro, Zoom redefines collaboration, fostering more natural, intuitive, and productive interactions no matter the distance.