Adobe Brings Firefly AI to Photoshop and Premiere

Adobe plans to begin introducing new AI-features to its software this year.

Adobe Brings Firefly AI to Photoshop and Premiere
Image: Adobe

Adobe plans to begin introducing new artificial intelligence (Firefly AI) features to its software this year. Among such programs will definitely be Photoshop and the Premiere video editor, and possibly Adobe Illustrator and others.

You may already be familiar with Firefly, which was featured as one of our Top 5 new AI-powered design services that will save you time. Currently, the beta version of Firefly is being tested, and it is expected that this neural network will be commercially available to users via a subscription to the Creative Cloud service in the future.

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Artificial intelligence, according to Adobe, will help in the creation and editing of content. For example, Firefly, integrated into Premiere, will be able to offer the user various effects and animations depending on the video script.

Adobe has released a video demonstrating editing in Premier Pro using Firefly. In the video, the user uses the AI in two ways: follows its recommendations and gives it commands.

One of the features of Firefly in Premiere is changing the background and lighting on the captured video (this will allow you, for example, to make day out of night, and get summer instead of winter). Firefly will also be able to generate music, sound and visual effects, logos, subtitles, and in dozens of different options from which the user can choose the most suitable.

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