Adobe Express launches full version on Android with generative AI features

Adobe Express launches full Android app with generative AI features from its suite, Firefly. The app offers mobile access to photo & video editing with functionalities like image generation and content fill/removal.

Adobe Express launches full version on Android with generative AI features
Image: 9to5google

Adobe announced the full release of its Adobe Express app for Android, bringing generative AI capabilities from its suite, Firefly, to mobile users. Previously available as a desktop application, Adobe Express integrates AI-powered editing features sought after by a growing number of content creators.

Launched in beta earlier this year, the full version of the Adobe Express app became available on Android and iOS on April 17th. This brings a multitude of Firefly's AI photo and video editing features to mobile devices, including the ability to generate images from scratch and perform edits using content fill and removal functionalities.

The popularity of generative editing tools has surged in recent years, driven by advancements in AI technology. While Adobe's suite offers similar functionalities found on some Android devices like Pixel 8 and Galaxy S24, it provides a more comprehensive workflow specifically designed for creators.

The Adobe Express Android app caters to video editing needs as well. Users can leverage existing video content and transform it into entirely new creations. As an Adobe product, the app provides access to a vast library of assets and tools, offering a significant advantage on mobile platforms.

A login or account creation is required upon launching the application. While a subscription of $10 per month unlocks a majority of Adobe Express features, a limited set of functionalities remain freely accessible within the Android app.