Apple announces new language support on iOS 18

The latest update allows users to customize the time on the lock screen in Indian numerals from 12 different languages.

Apple announces new language support on iOS 18
Image: Google

Apple recently presented iOS 18 at WWDC and since then, the company has released two beta versions with extended support for several new features, including the ability to customize the lock screen with time displayed in 12 different languages.

This update allows users to change the lock screen display to show time in Arabic, Indian Arabic, Bangla, Devanagari, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati, Gurmukhi, Meitei, Odia, Ol-Chiki, and Telugu. These updates are particularly beneficial for Indian users, who can now enjoy a more personalized experience with their devices.

In addition, users can customize the font color and thickness to achieve the desired aesthetic appearance of their Сontact Posters.


The latest Apple iOS 18 update also includes a real-time voice message transcription feature in Indian English, an improved real-time call detection function, intelligent call history search, and an enhanced phone keyboard search. 

Apple will release a public version of iOS 18 later this fall for all users.