Google is bringing satellite messaging to Android 15

Android 15 Developer Preview 2 unveils satellite connectivity, improved contactless payments, refined multi-language recognition, advanced PDF features in apps, and more. Public beta testing expected April-July 2024.

Google is bringing satellite messaging to Android 15
Image: Google

The second developer preview for Android 15 is now available, showcasing upcoming functionalities planned for the public release later in 2024. This developer-focused build introduces several enhancements including satellite connectivity, contactless payment improvements, multi-language recognition refinements, and advanced PDF capabilities within apps.

Enhanced Functionality and User Experience

  • Satellite Connectivity: Support for satellite connectivity lays the groundwork for features like satellite messaging. Developers can now build apps aware of potential service limitations when operating on satellite connections.
A screenshot of an Android smartphone displaying an “auto-connected to satellite” message.
Image: TheVerge
  • Contactless Payments: The reliability of one-tap contactless payments using NFC technology is being optimized.
  • Multi-Language Recognition: Improvements address dropped words when switching between recognized languages for a smoother multi-lingual experience.
  • Cover Screen Interaction: Developers gain expanded access to interact with the small cover screens typically found on flip phones.
  • Consistent Audio Levels: Support for the CTA-2075 loudness standard aims to deliver consistent volume levels across different types of content.
  • Advanced PDF Features: Apps can now leverage functionalities like password-protected file rendering, annotation support, form editing, text searching, and text selection with copying for PDFs.

These developer previews provide valuable insights into the upcoming Android 15 release, expected to reach public beta testing stages between April and July 2024.