Instagram Launches Collaborative Collections

Now you can click on the Save button under the post or Reels on Instagram and create a shared collection of posts with one or more friends.

Instagram Launches Collaborative Collections
Image: Instagram

Collaborative Collections are now available on Instagram. From now on, after clicking on the Save button under the post or Reels, you can create shared collections of saved posts with one or more people from your Direct.

Each member of the collection will be able to replenish it with new saved posts or Reels found on Instagram. In total, you can add up to 250 people to one collection.

You can manage a collaborative collection in the same way as other collections. Click the menu Settings — Saved, open it and click on the three dots button at the top. Then you can edit the collection, add new publications to it, or delete it.

A collaborative collection can be deleted at any time by anyone who can view it, regardless of who created the collection. If a collection is deleted, people in your chat will receive a notification about it.

Sounds like a new way to share memes with friends. What do you think?

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