What macOS 15 might bring

Apple to unveil macOS 15 at WWDC 2024 in June. Potential features include improved Continuity Camera, app updates, Apple Silicon optimization, design refresh, and more. Public beta expected in summer.

What macOS 15 might bring
image: www.macrumors.com

macOS 15 represents the forthcoming iteration of Apple's operating system designed for Mac computers. The official unveiling is anticipated for WWDC, a developer conference held annually in June.

Apple is anticipated to unveil the next iteration of its Mac operating system, macOS 15, during WWDC 2024, scheduled for June. While details regarding upcoming macOS features remain undisclosed, historical trends suggest potential alignment with functionalities introduced in the upcoming iOS version. This provides some basis for informed speculation regarding potential enhancements in macOS 15.

Apple Embraces AI in Upcoming Software Updates

Apple's forthcoming operating system updates are expected to incorporate a range of AI-centric functionalities, with many features likely designed for cross-platform compatibility. Potential integrations include:

  • AI-generated playlists within Apple Music.
  • AI-assisted writing capabilities in Pages.
  • AI-powered slide deck creation in Keynote.
  • AI code writing features within Xcode.
  • Siri improvements and enhanced integration with Shortcuts.

Significantly improved natural conversation and user personalization are rumored for Siri, with the enhanced functionality anticipated to be available across Apple devices.

Apple reportedly seeks to improve interaction between Siri and the Messages app. This could include advancements in sentence auto-completion and the ability to handle multi-part, complex commands.

Deeper integration with the Shortcuts app is also a possibility. This would potentially allow users to automate intricate tasks spanning multiple applications.

Rumors regarding generative AI integration within the upcoming software updates point towards two potential paths. Apple might collaborate with Google or OpenAI to leverage their large language models for a chatbot-like feature. Alternatively, generative AI might be implemented solely for system functionalities.

Additional Features Rumored for macOS 15

Several other functionalities are rumored for inclusion within macOS 15.

  • Accessibility: Enhancements include the development of Adaptive Voice Shortcuts, allowing users to create custom phrases linked to specific accessibility settings. Additionally, the Live Speech feature may offer user-defined categorization options.
  • Freeform: A Scenes feature is anticipated, enabling users to select specific sections or Scenes within their boards for expedited navigation and sharing.
  • Maps: Potential upgrades for the Maps app include support for custom route creation and the introduction of topographic maps.

Unveiling and Availability of macOS 15

Scheduled for unveiling during the WWDC 2024 keynote on June 10th, macOS 15 will be previewed for developers. The same day will see the release of the first developer beta, with a public beta expected to follow sometime in the summer months.

Based on historical launch patterns, the public release of macOS 15 is anticipated for fall, potentially in September or October.