Meta AI expands globally and introduces new features

Meta AI expands globally with new features powered by Meta Llama 3. Users in twelve new countries can now access Meta AI for tasks, information retrieval, and creative image generation. Meta AI website launches for desktop interaction.

Meta AI expands globally and introduces new features
Image: LinkedIn

Meta Platforms Inc. (formerly Facebook, Inc.) is pleased to announce significant updates to Meta AI, its artificial intelligence assistant powered by Meta Llama 3.

Meta AI Now Available in More Countries

Following its initial launch, Meta AI is expanding its reach to a dozen new countries outside the US. This includes Australia, Canada, Ghana, Jamaica, Malawi, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Singapore, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Enhanced Capabilities with Meta Llama 3

Thanks to advancements in Meta Llama 3, Meta AI offers improved performance in terms of speed, intelligence, and user experience.

Animation showing an Instagram group chat using Meta AI to recommend a picnic spot
Image: Meta
Phone screen showing a WhatsApp chat with Meta AI
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Seamless Integration Across Meta Platforms

Users can access Meta AI on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger to perform a variety of tasks, including:

  • Finding recommendations for restaurants, events, and concerts.
  • Accessing educational explanations on various topics.
  • Generating inspirational content for home decor and other creative projects.

Meta AI is also available on the newly launched website, allowing users to interact with the assistant from their computers. This functionality includes features like:

  • Assistance with solving math problems.
  • Help with composing professional emails.
  • Saving past conversations with Meta AI for future reference.
Animation showing Meta AI in search across Meta's apps
Image: Meta

Real-Time Information Retrieval Within Apps

Meta AI integrates seamlessly with search functions across Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. This allows users to access real-time information from the web without switching between apps. For example, users can plan a trip directly within a Messenger group chat by searching for flights and suitable travel dates.

Meta AI in Feed

Users can now interact with Meta AI directly from their Facebook feed. This enables them to request additional information about posts they encounter.

Animation showing Meta AI in Facebook Feed
Image: Meta

Spark Creativity with Meta AI Imagine

Meta AI introduces an improved "Imagine" feature that allows users to generate images from text descriptions in real-time. This feature is currently in beta testing on WhatsApp and the Meta AI web experience in the US.

The upgraded "Imagine" offers several enhancements:

  • Faster image generation.
  • Images appear and update as the user types, providing a more interactive experience.
  • Higher image quality and resolution.
  • Improved ability to incorporate text within generated images.

Beyond initial image generation, users can further refine their creations by:

  • Requesting animations of generated images.
  • Modifying the image style.
  • Converting images into GIFs.
GIF showing Meta AI's image animation feature
Image: Meta

The Future of Meta AI

Meta is committed to ongoing development of Meta AI. This includes expanding its availability beyond mobile applications to integrate with Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses and Meta Quest VR headsets. More information regarding these future developments will be available in the coming weeks.