Spotify Premium for Mac and Windows finally adds a miniplayer

Spotify launches desktop miniplayer for enhanced user experience. Users can control music & podcasts with minimal disruption, offering multiple design options and independent operation from the main app. Currently a Spotify Premium benefit.

Spotify Premium for Mac and Windows finally adds a miniplayer
Image: Spotify

Spotify has launched a new miniplayer for its desktop application, offering users greater control over music and video playback (including podcasts) while minimizing interruption to their workflow.

The miniplayer provides several visual design options, including a compact bar and resizable square or rectangular formats.

A recent announcement on the Spotify Community blog explains the motivation behind the feature:

"Whenever users work with Spotify running in the background, frequent track changes and adjustments to volume or repeat mode can necessitate switching between windows. The miniplayer addresses this need, offering a dedicated control interface that remains accessible regardless of the active application."

The miniplayer operates independently of the main Spotify desktop window, allowing users to open or close it without affecting playback. Additionally, it offers variable sizing for customizable user preferences.

Currently, the desktop miniplayer is a benefit exclusive to Spotify Premium subscribers.

Spotify Mac desktop miniplayer 1
Image: Spotify

To access the miniplayer, users should locate the small square-within-a-square icon positioned in the bottom right corner of the desktop application.

For those who haven't already, the Spotify desktop application can be downloaded for free on Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chromebook platforms.