Telegram: Telegram Stars own currency and Tinder counterpart - TON Dating

The introduction of Telegram Stars and TON Dating marks a significant expansion of Telegram's platform. These new features will enable businesses to reach a wider audience and engage with their customers in new ways.

Telegram: Telegram Stars own currency and Tinder counterpart - TON Dating

Telegram, a popular messaging platform with over 400 million active users, has announced the expansion of its platform to support digital goods and services. This update enables businesses to sell digital products such as ebooks, online courses, and in-game items through bots and mini apps. The introduction of Telegram Stars, a virtual currency, facilitates seamless transactions for these digital offerings. This enhancement positions Telegram as a comprehensive platform for businesses to engage with their customers and expand their reach.

Telegram Introduces Telegram Stars for Digital Purchases

Telegram is facilitating transactions for digital goods and services within its ecosystem through the introduction of a new virtual currency: Telegram Stars. Users can acquire Stars via in-app purchases on Apple and Google's platforms or through the PremiumBot. These Stars can then be used to purchase digital products offered by bots, including ebooks, online courses, and in-game items.



Rewards for Stars

Developers can receive approximately 0.013 USD worth of rewards per Telegram Star. Telegram determines the monetary value of Stars at its sole discretion, unrelated to their purchase costs in any region. Telegram anticipates infrequent changes to these values for reward purposes.

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TON Dating: A New Blockchain-Powered Dating App on Telegram

Telegram has launched a new dating service called TON Dating, which utilizes TON blockchain technology and offers unique features not found in other similar apps.


video: @wallstreetukr

Key Features of TON Dating:

  • Exclusivity: Access to the service is granted only to users who have passed a multi-stage identity verification process.
  • Security: TON Dating employs decentralized data storage, ensuring user privacy.
  • Monetization: Women can use TON Dating for free, while men pay a monthly subscription fee. Additionally, users can earn TON Coin for likes, matches, and inviting friends.

TON Dating is still under development, so some features may be unavailable.