5 AI-powered services for designers

In this article, we'll explore some useful AI services that can assist designers and content creators in improving their work and automating routine tasks.  

5 AI-powered services for designers

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the world of web design, providing tools that allow designers to create projects faster and with greater efficiency.
Now, AI can offer unlimited opportunities for creativity, helping designers generate ideas and content with ease. 

In this article, we'll explore some useful AI services that can assist designers and content creators in improving their work and automating routine tasks.  

1. Khroma

 Khroma is a modern tool for creating unique color schemes and matching shades. It uses advanced AI technology to offer a wide range of generated color palettes. All you need to do is select 50 different shades and the service will generate the perfect palette for your project. Chroma also allows users 
to search for palettes based on brightness, saturation, and color tone. These combinations can then be used for various projects, such as websites, applications, user interfaces, and more. The best part about Chroma is that 
it is a free platform that does not require registration.

2. Designs.ai

Designs.ai is a creative studio that uses artificial intelligence to help designers create logos, videos, banners, and layouts. By analyzing vast amounts of data, the platform automates complex design tasks such as adjusting details
and sizes. This reduces the risk of errors and ensures accuracy in personalization.
Projects created with the help of Designs.ai can be used for advertising and business purposes. 

The service offers several features, including:
 - AI chatbot that improves productivity when creating content
- Face swapper for integrating portraits into images and videos
- Logo maker that generates logos and helps create a corporate identity
- Image maker that creates images based on default settings 
- Video maker that turns articles and scripts into videos in over 15 languages
- Speech maker that converts text into voice with different tones 
- Design maker that helps create websites using templates and pre-made blocks
- AI Writer is an AI-powered platform that generates marketing copy using advanced algorithms and other useful features. 


Palette is a great service for designers that helps them color black and white photos with artificial intelligence. It works with PNG and JPEG files, offers a variety of filters, and doesn't require registration. Users can also edit photos using text, choose colors, shades, and styles. Palette allows users to color an unlimited number of photos and download them at 500x500 pixels. 
To download photos in higher resolution, users need to buy a subscription.

4. PicWish

PicWIsh is the image processing tool powered by artificial intelligence that offers a wide range of features and helps speed up the design process. 
It can generate images, blur the background, improve the quality of photos when enlarged, and color monochrome images. Additionally, PicWish can create 
a photo or background for a specific object, scan text in an image, and replace faces with other photos. 

The service is available as an app for Android and IOS devices, as well as a desktop application that can be used to process photos directly on
a computer without the need for a browser.

5. Deblank

DeBlank is a free neural network designed for web designers to coolly select the color palette and fonts for their projects. Based on machine learning, this application allows users to assemble a complete and compatible color scheme by simply describing the project and specifying their wishes. 
AI then generates a color palette, showing how the layouts would look in the selected tome. Users can then export all graphic materials in PNG format
or download color codes in TXT format. As for the selection of fonts, there is
a similar principle of operation. In the field, the user must specify what fonts
and in what style they need. The service will provide different options with the ability to edit.