Apple and Meta discuss AI partnership

Apple and Meta discuss AI Integration Partnership in iOS 18

Apple and Meta discuss AI partnership
Image: Google

During the Apple Intelligence announcement earlier this month, Apple said it would partner with OpenAI to implement ChatGPT into an updated version of Siri. Now, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal, Meta and Apple have been holding talks about cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence technology The Llama 3 project and the Apple Intelligence project are among the topics being discussed.

During negotiations with Meta and other companies, Apple offered them to sell premium subscriptions to its services using Apple's Intelligence. No further payment for system integration is expected. Apple intended to keep some of its subscription revenue. 

In April, Meta launched the Llama-3 language model and image generator, which updates in real-time. These features were integrated into the updated Meta assistant, which will work on all company platforms. A deal with Meta could make Apple less dependent on a single partner and provide validation of Meta's artificial intelligence technology.

The Wall Street Journal reports say that Apple is not offering to pay for this partnership, but instead provides distribution to AI partners, who can then sell premium subscriptions. Another recent Apple post says that although Apple's Intelligence is planned to be integrated into the latest versions of its operating systems (iOS 18, iPadOS 18 and macOS Sequoia), the company plans to not distribute this technology in the European Union due to European digital restrictions.

These talks are reportedly still in the process of being finalized and may still fall through. Meta has declined to comment, and Apple has not yet responded.