Apple has released new iOS 18 Beta 3 versions

The iOS 18 beta 3 has introduced several new features and improvements, including dark mode icons, enhanced photos app functionality and more.

Apple has released new iOS 18 Beta 3 versions
Image: 9to5mac

Apple has released IOS 18 beta 3 version for authorized developers. 
In this version, the company has fixed several bugs, improved the stability of the operating system, and introduced new impressive features.

Dynamic wallpapers
Apple has added dynamic standard wallpapers that change depending on the time of day.

Image: 9to9mac

The icons of some third-party applications now automatically adjust to the dark theme of the interface.

image: 9to9mac

Apple has improved the flashlight interface by adding a smooth slider that allows users to choose from a wider range of brightness levels.

Image: Appleinsider

In the "Photos" section, the "Select" button has been added. This allows users to select multiple images directly from the main interface of the "Photos" app. This means that users no longer need to swipe down in order to access the "Select" button.

Image: Macrumors

Insight for Apple TV
The new feature for Apple TV app called "InSight" is similar to the X-Ray feature available on Amazon Prime Video, but it is specifically designed for Apple TV+ users. InSight provides information about actors, characters, and songs that appear in a movie or Apple TV+ show. With just one tap, the Apple TV app displays everything about a specific scene. Users can easily search for other content featuring a particular actor, or add the song playing in the scene to the Apple Music collection without leaving the TV application.

image: 9to9mac

In Messages, emojis and stickers have been combined into a single interface, which can be navigated using small icons at the bottom of the screen.

Image: Macrumors

It is also expected that new AI features will be introduced soon.
These features will only be available on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max and later models. iOS 18  should be released in the fall of 2024.