Apple Vision Pro gets a native TikTok app

Apple Vision Pro welcomes TikTok with dedicated app. Users enjoy distraction-free viewing & simulated environments, enhancing the immersive experience.

Apple Vision Pro gets a native TikTok app
Image: TikTok

Upon its release, Apple Vision Pro lacked native apps for popular video services like Netflix and YouTube. This gap has narrowed with the addition of TikTok, becoming the third major platform available on the headset.

Beyond a simple port of the iPad app, the new TikTok offers features specifically designed for Vision Pro's immersive capabilities. The navigation bar disappears from the primary viewing area, minimizing distractions from video content.

This approach extends to comment sections and author profiles, presented as non-intrusive extensions alongside the video feed, fostering a claimed "more immersive content experience" according to TikTok. Further enhancing this immersion, the app integrates with Vision Pro's environment, allowing users to view videos in simulated settings like the moon or Yosemite National Park.

Additionally, TikTok leverages Vision Pro's shared space feature, enabling the app's screen to exist in the user's peripheral vision. This position remains static, meaning it reappears in the same location upon subsequent uses, offering convenience for multitasking, such as watching videos while cooking.