Canva Introduces 5 New Tools to Empower Creators

Canva unveils a suite of new features designed to empower users.

Canva Introduces 5 New Tools to Empower Creators

Canva announced 5 new features to empower users to create impactful visual content. These features include AI-powered sorting for Whiteboard stickies, template translation in over 100 languages, improved Magic Write with faster generation speed, new interactive chart options, and the ability to publish Canva Docs as websites.

Improved Whiteboard

Canva introduces an AI-powered sorting function for Whiteboard sticky notes. This functionality allows users to automatically group notes by color, name, or topic. This streamlines the process of visually organizing ideas, facilitating efficient summarization of brainstorming sessions and workflow mapping.


Simplified design translation

Canva's AI-powered translation tool, Translate, gains enhanced functionality. Users can now automatically translate entire templates into over 100 languages. This feature simplifies the process of adapting designs for a global audience, allowing users to convert any template with a few clicks.


Magic Write Enhanced: Speedier Text Generation and Customized Controls

Canva's AI-powered writing assistant, Magic Write, receives a significant update. This update focuses on enhancing the speed of text generation while preserving the user's original prompt. Additionally, new customization controls are forthcoming. This improved functionality empowers users in various creative endeavors, from crafting design briefs to brainstorming educational activities.

Enhanced Data Storytelling: New Interactive Visualization Features


Canva introduces new interactive visualization features designed to elevate data storytelling. These features include:

  • Bar Chart Race animation: This animation automatically transforms data into visually compelling presentations, ideal for illustrating trends over time.
  • Interactive chart legends: Users can now explore specific data points by hovering over chart labels, allowing for deeper dives into categories like sales revenue or marketing performance.
  • Bubble plots: A new chart option, bubble plots provide a colorful and illustrative way to showcase data with an additional dimension.

Expanded Functionality: Publish Canva Docs as Websites


Canva Docs gains new functionality, allowing users to publish documents directly as websites. This feature offers several benefits:

  • Simplified information sharing: Quickly share information on the go by publishing a Doc as a website.
  • Stakeholder feedback streamlined: Facilitate stakeholder feedback without requiring logins by publishing a Doc as a website.
  • Customizable branding: Choose a free Canva domain or purchase a custom domain for a more professional presentation.