Framer announces Forms: a new data collection feature set

Framer introduces Forms, a feature-rich tool for designing user-friendly data collection experiences.

Framer announces Forms: a new data collection feature set

Framer is pleased to announce the launch of Forms, a comprehensive solution for building dynamic and user-friendly data collection experiences.

Forms offers a robust suite of features, including:

  • 10+ Input Types: Cater to a wide range of user needs with a variety of input options.
  • Freeform editing experience: Design custom inputs, focus states, checked states, loading states, success states, and more to perfectly match your project's aesthetic.
  • Data flexibility: Choose from multiple data submission methods, including email delivery, Google Sheets integration, or custom webhooks.
  • Built-in security: Forms prioritizes user data protection with built-in spam protection, rate limiting, and a fallback email.

This introduction of Forms empowers designers to create secure, intuitive, and visually-appealing data collection experiences within the Framer ecosystem.



  • Diverse input options (text, checkboxes, radio groups, select controls) with various text types (text, text area, email, number, etc.)
  • Customizable design: create custom inputs, focus/checked states, and leverage freeform layouts with editable labels.
  • Flexible data handling: connect forms with customizable emails, Google Sheets, or custom webhooks. Personalize email content.
  • Secure and reliable: built-in spam protection, rate limiting, fallbacks, and post-submission actions (redirect, overlay, update).
  • Advanced customization: utilize customizable input icons, create motion-based interactions, and design custom invalid states with error messaging.
  • Seamless integration: refreshed standalone input components readily available within the Insert menu.