Framer announces enhanced Canvas editing experience

Framer unveils a new set of Canvas updates for a smoother editing experience. These enhancements target editing, previewing, and animation, with a focus on optimizing 3D workflows

Framer announces enhanced Canvas editing experience

Framer to announce a series of Canvas updates designed to enhance the user experience for daily editing tasks. These improvements encompass editing, previewing, and animation functionalities, with a particular focus on streamlining 3D workflows.


Framer introduces the following enhancements to the Canvas editing experience:

  • Dynamic rotation cursors: Rotation cursors now dynamically match the layer rotation, including for 3D layers.
  • Improved resize cursors: Resize cursors dynamically adapt to the layer angle, including for 3D layers.
  • Seamless animation preview: The preview no longer restarts animations upon initial opening or after edits to the project.
  • Enhanced automatic nesting: Automatic nesting now functions flawlessly for layers with both 2D and 3D rotations.
  • Real-time effect editing: The Canvas's Effect edit mode now renders selections in 3D in real-time.
  • 3D Layout tools: All layout tools now function seamlessly when drawing within a 3D space.