Framer Unveils Masking & Workflow Enhancements

Framer's update empowers designers with a new masking feature for creative effects. Layers can be masked with gradients or images, and stacked for intricate layouts. Improved collaboration and workflow refinements further streamline the design process.

Framer Unveils Masking & Workflow Enhancements

latest update to Framer introduces a new masking functionality. This feature allows designers to apply masks to layers for creative effects with a single click. Masks can be further customized using gradients or images. Additionally, the ability to stack multiple masks unlocks the potential for creating unique and intricate layouts.

Framer supports alpha masking, luminance masking, and compositing with multiple masks. This comprehensive support for masking techniques empowers designers with a wide range of creative possibilities. Notably, masks can be applied to any layer type, including images, videos, and components.

The April update introduces masking functionality to Framer. This feature allows users to apply masks to layers for creative effects. Masks can be customized using gradients or images.

  • Stacking multiple masks on top of each other unlocks the potential for unique and intricate layouts.
  • Two new masking modes, alpha and composite, provide additional creative control.
  • The ability to define a default gap value for Stacks has been added. This streamlines the workflow for designers who frequently use Stacks with consistent spacing.


  • Color stop snapping for conic and radial gradients has been enhanced, ensuring greater precision during gradient creation.
  • The gradient editing experience has been improved for a smoother workflow when switching between layers.


  • Collaboration capabilities have been improved, allowing for a more seamless experience when working with different Framer versions.

Bug Fixes

  • An issue preventing gradient editing within text layers has been resolved.
  • Overlapping radial gradient stops in Safari are now fixed.
  • The placement of gradient stop hints has been corrected.
  • Shadow variables now display color styles correctly.
  • Copying and pasting shadows is now functional.
  • Jumpy behavior in property panels on Firefox has been addressed.
  • Jumpy hover effects on rotated slideshows have been fixed.