Google makes it easier to switch from Google Photos to iCloud Photos

New way to switch files from Google Photos to iCloud Photos

Google makes it easier to switch from Google Photos to iCloud Photos
Image: Google

Apple and Google have joined forces to introduce a new tool that allows users to easily transfer their Google Photos collections to iCloud Photos, including albums and descriptions.

The cooperation of Apple and Google is a part of the Data Transfer Project, an open-source initiative aimed at making data more portable between different online platforms.

Apple released an equivalent tool three years ago to switch from iCloud Photos to Google Photos. The New Google's feature complements the iCloud to Google Photos service, which Apple introduced earlier.

Previously, transferring photos and videos from Google Photos to iCloud required a cumbersome manual upload process. That was uncomfortable.

The new service become easier: photos and videos are transferred directly to iCloud, so users don't need to download any files and Y can transfer their entire photo library at once, or choose which specific albums they want to move. 

On the Google support page, there is a list of file types that can be transferred, including common image and video formats. 
When users initiate the transfer, a copy of each file is sent to the iCloud account, so the original files will remain on Google Photos. The transfer time for files may vary depending on the size of the photo library.

Within the next week, Google will be adding iCloud support to their data transfer tool.