Google AdSense introduces new Ad Intents format

Google AdSense introduces "ad intents," a new ad format. Text on websites becomes links to relevant search results with ads in a pop-up. Ad intents are opt-in and cookie-less.

Google AdSense introduces new Ad Intents format
Image: Medium

Google AdSense is launching a new ad format called "ad intents." This format uses existing text on a website to create links that, when clicked, display a pop-up containing relevant search results and advertisements. Ad intents are opt-in for publishers and do not rely on third-party cookies for ad targeting.

Image: 9to5google
Image: 9to5Google

Key features of ad intents:

  • Links or anchors are placed within website content based on relevance.
  • Clicking a link triggers a pop-up displaying organic search results with ads.
  • Links and anchors can be displayed together for optimal performance.
  • The format works on both mobile and desktop platforms.
  • The number of ad links displayed is determined by the content length to maintain user experience.

This new format provides publishers with an additional way to generate revenue through their content.

Additional notes:

  • Google advises publishers against manipulating content to increase ad intent frequency.
  • The attribution of revenue generated from search results within the pop-up is not entirely clear.
  • The launch of ad intents coincides with reported declines in AdSense revenue since February 2024.