Google Drive introduces dark theme

Google Drive introduced a dark theme, enhancing viewing comfort. The theme applies to file view and is rolling out to Google Workspace users and personal accounts. Availability for Docs, Sheets, Slides is yet to come.

Google Drive introduces dark theme

Google Drive has introduced a dark theme, a much-requested feature that provides a more comfortable viewing experience. The dark theme is currently rolling out to Google Workspace customers, Google Workspace Individual subscribers, and users with personal Google accounts.


  • Released: April 16, 2024 (limited rollout)
  • Platforms: Web


  • The dark theme applies to the file view in Google Drive.
  • Documents, Sheets, Slides, and other applications within Drive are not affected by the dark theme at this time.
  • The theme features a lighter gray background for the sidebar and search bar, with a darker and more black container within the main view.
Image: 9to5google
Image: 9to5google

Comparison to Other Apps:

  • Google Keep and Chat also offer dark themes.
  • Gmail offers a similar functionality that affects the interface but not the email content itself.
  • On the web platform, dark theme availability is limited compared to mobile applications.

Future Updates:

We are currently observing the dark theme rollout in one Google Drive account. A wider rollout is expected, and future updates to other Workspace applications with dark theme functionality are likely.