Google One AI Premium expands Gemini features to Gmail, Docs, and more

Google One AI Premium integrates Gemini AI with Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets & Meet, enhancing writing assistance, data management, & meeting experiences. Explore AI-powered features like Help me write, Proofread, Create images, & Studio effects.

Google One AI Premium expands Gemini features to Gmail, Docs, and more
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Google One AI Premium now offers deeper integration with Gemini AI features within Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Meet for personal accounts. This integration streamlines workflows and empowers users to achieve more within familiar Workspace applications.

Gemini in Gmail:

  • Help me write: Compose emails with assistance from AI prompts and generation. Refine content using "Formalize," "Elaborate," "Shorten," or "Recreate" functions.
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Gemini in Docs:

  • Help me write: Enhance writing through prompts and receive suggestions for "Bulletize," "Summarize," and "Tone" adjustments. Leverage custom prompts for creative formats like poems.
  • Proofread: Access advanced AI-powered grammar and spelling corrections alongside suggestions for:
    • Conciseness: Enhance text clarity and brevity.
    • Active voice: Improve sentence structure for readability.
    • Wording: Employ dynamic or formal language choices strategically.
    • Sentence Split: Simplify complex sentences for better understanding.
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Gemini in Slides:

  • Create images: Generate unique visuals directly within presentations.

Gemini in Sheets:

  • Help me organize: Navigate data organization and analysis seamlessly using custom tables, templates, and Enhanced Smart Fill features. This suite includes:
    • Sentiment classification
    • Text combination and generation
    • Specific text extraction
    • Address formatting
    • Phone number and email structuring
    • Text condensation
    • And more

Gemini in Meet:

  • Generate a background: Personalize meeting environments with custom backdrops.
  • Studio features: Enhance video quality with features like:
    • Studio Lighting: Simulate professional lighting effects.
    • Studio Look: Sharpen image details for clarity.
    • Studio Sound: Reproduce higher audio frequencies.
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Availability and Pricing:

Gemini features in personal Workspace apps are accessible through Google One AI Premium, priced at $19.99 per month. This plan also includes:

  • Gemini Advanced with Gemini 1.0 Ultra
  • 2 TB of storage
  • Additional benefits in Photos and Calendar

A two-month free trial is currently available.

This update signifies Google's ongoing commitment to empowering users with AI-driven productivity tools, streamlining workflows, and fostering creative expression within the Workspace ecosystem.