Google Announces Photo Stacks for Easy Photo Management

Google is rolling out Photo Stacks – the AI solution made to declutter your photo gallery, creating organized, shareable collections.

Google Announces Photo Stacks for Easy Photo Management
Image: Google Photos

Google continues exploring the potential of AI. Recently announced new Google Pixel 8 has the "Best Take" feature inside that merges together photos to nail the perfect group shot. Now, Google is extending this smart approach to Google Photos with Photo Stacks. No longer will you spend hours sorting through endless images or bother over selecting the perfect shot from a series of similar photos. Photo Stacks uses AI technology to keep your photo gallery tidy and organized by auto-grouping photos into stacks, turning your gallery into well-organized memories.


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How does it work?

It identifies similar shots and organizes them into tidy stacks. No more endless scrolling, trying to find that one shot. View, share, and manage stacks as you like.

Manage the stack:

  • View and share all or selected photos from a stack.
  • Change the top pick: Each stack of Photos is given a default "Top Pick," which is the cover photo in your Photos view. The chosen photos will be displayed in your Photos view, and you can anytime modify the top pick.

You can also:

  • Unstack photos in your Photos view.
  • Remove photos from a stack.
  • Delete individual photos from a stack.
  • Keep one photo from the series & delete the rest.
  • Delete an entire Photo stack.

Spotlight on Screenshots and Documents

Screenshots, while handy, often clutter your gallery. Do you have a hard time finding that much-needed-right-now screenshot from the endless folder? Now, Google Photos will help you to sort screenshots and documents into helpful folders like IDs, receipts, and events.


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That's not all. Capture a concert ticket screenshot? Use it to set a timely reminder on your calendar directly from Google Photos. A flyer for an upcoming event? Simply click 'Set Reminder' and never miss an event. Less clutter in the future? Auto-archive screenshots and documents after 30 days—they'll stay accessible but out of your main gallery.


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It is Automated But You Have Control

Photo Stacks doesn't dictate what's best for you; it collaborates. It allows you to explore and manage your stacks effortlessly. From changing the top pick photo for each stack to organizing them into easily shareable collections, the control stays in your hands.

This feature is gradually rolling out. Google's official X account hinted at the staggered rollout, urging users to be patient as it reaches different devices over the next few weeks. Yet, for the lucky few who've gained early access, the reviews are amazing. “As someone who spams the camera button to get the perfect split second shot, this cleans up my library a lot.” shared one Reddit user.

To check if it's already available for you, make sure you use the latest version of the Android or iOS app. Keep in mind that it’ll be available for backed-up photos only. Guide on how to enable Photo Stacks and troubleshooting.

While Google advises some users might experience delays in getting this update, the anticipation is high, and the excitement among those already using it is noticeable. Photo Stacks promises a streamlined and organized photo gallery, making a better user experience for the home of memories.