Google Play Books receives Material You redesign on Android

Google Play Books on Android receives Material You redesign, aligning with other apps for a cohesive experience. Update includes pill-shaped search bar, updated bottom navigation, modernized carousels & buttons. Some dynamic color & dark theme limitations remain.

Google Play Books receives Material You redesign on Android
Image: 9to5google

Following the updated icon introduced in 2023, Google Play Books on Android has received a design refresh based on the Material You language. This update aligns Play Books with other Google apps, offering a more cohesive user experience.

Key elements of the redesign include:

  • Pill-shaped search bar: Enhances search functionality with a modern aesthetic.
  • Material You bottom navigation: Streamlines access to key sections of the app with a consistent appearance.
  • Updated navigation rail: Applies the Material 3 style for improved visual coherence on tablets and foldables.
  • Modernized carousels and buttons: Introduces rounded rectangles for carousels and revises various buttons for a refreshed look.

Image: 9to5google

While the update brings aesthetic improvements, some limitations remain:

  • Limited Dynamic Color usage: Play Books primarily uses the default blue accent, not fully leveraging the dynamic color capabilities of Material You.
  • Dark theme inconsistencies: Minor theme mismatches are present in certain sections.
  • Reading view and settings unchanged: These areas have not received visual updates yet.

Current rollout and future expectations:

  • Version 2024.2.9.0 of Google Play Books is now available via the Play Store.
  • Redesigns for other Google apps like Authenticator, Classroom, and Play Games are anticipated.
  • Google Search maintains its own design language and has moved away from a Material 3 bottom bar.
  • Significant updates for Google Fit are not expected at this time.

This redesign signifies Google's continued efforts to refine the user experience across its app ecosystem. While not comprehensive, the update provides a foundation for further improvements in Play Books.