LottieFiles unveils Motion Copilot: AI-Powered animation assistant

LottieFiles unveils Motion Copilot, an AI-powered animation assistant that streamlines the animation process.

LottieFiles unveils Motion Copilot: AI-Powered animation assistant
image: lottiefiles.com

LottieFiles introduces Motion Copilot, a generative AI tool that empowers animators by providing a foundation for their animations and automating repetitive tasks. Additionally, the AI Prompt to Vector tool enables users to create vector graphics from text and choose from five distinct styles. These AI-powered tools streamline the animation creation process and enhance LottieFiles' comprehensive suite of animation tools.

Motion Copilot leverages cutting-edge generative AI to expand the possibilities within animation and design. This technology empowers creators by providing a foundation for their animations and automating repetitive tasks, allowing them to prioritize creative endeavors. In essence, Motion Copilot acts as a productivity booster, streamlining the animation process.

Beyond keyframe generation, Motion Copilot serves as a comprehensive resource for creators. Users can access guidance and suggestions on a wide range of topics by simply posing their questions. Motion Copilot then offers targeted support to address their specific needs.

There is growing concern within the design industry regarding the implications of AI technology. One major issue is privacy, particularly regarding how AI utilizes uploaded files. It has been emphasized that no uploaded files are used to train or improve AI models in this particular system. The company reassures users that their privacy and trust are highly valued, and they are committed to ethical AI usage.

Another area of concern is the potential impact of AI on creativity. The company claims that their AI tools are designed not to replace creativity but rather to enhance it. They describe these tools as assistants that can help generate new ideas while still allowing users to maintain full control over their creative process.

Prompt: Flicker like a flame on a candle
image: lottiefiles.com

Instructions for using Motion Copilot

Users are encouraged to write prompts freely, with a specific word limit per prompt. Similar to other AI tools, prompts and responses are designed to maintain coherence and facilitate natural conversations.

For those interested in adding keyframes to objects:

  1. Launch Lottie Creator.
  2. Open Motion Copilot from the sidebar.
  3. Select the object to be animated and input the desired prompt.
  4. Preview the animation within the plugin's modal.
  5. Once satisfied with the preview, users can choose to either apply the animation to the selected object or completely replace its existing animations.
  6. To apply the same animations to other objects, users can use the "apply" button in the preview reply.
  7. Sample prompts are available for users seeking inspiration.

Motion Copilot also serves as a resource for inquiries related to Lottie Creator and general animation, offering detailed and specific answers to user queries.

💡Fun Fact: Users are encouraged to experiment with different languages to observe varying outcomes.