macOS Sequoia will receive Dolby Atmos support through HDMI

Enabling this option allows users to "play supported audio in Dolby Atmos and other Dolby audio formats when connected to a compatible device through HDMI Passthrough."

macOS Sequoia will receive Dolby Atmos support through HDMI
Image: Google

The beta version of macOS Sequoia will support a new HDMI Passthrough feature in the Apple Music and Apple TV applications. According  MacRumors, enabling this option allows streaming Dolby Atmos audio on supported devices through the HDMI port.

The update ensures that the sound quality remains the same. This for users who desire the highest possible sound quality when playing multimedia content on supported devices.


In addition to HDMI pass-through, macOS Sequoia enhances content transfer between Mac and iPhone, introducing a separate password manager and promising future artificial intelligence capabilities with Apple's intelligence.

The public release of macOS Sequoia is anticipated this fall, after a developer preview and upcoming public beta release that will start later in July.