Microsoft’s new OneDrive design starts rolling out for consumers

Microsoft's popular OneDrive cloud storage platform receives a visual and functional refresh, prioritizing intuitive navigation and efficient file management for personal users.

Microsoft’s new OneDrive design starts rolling out for consumers

Microsoft is rolling out a new design and functionality update for OneDrive, its cloud storage service for personal users. The update, first announced in 2023, brings a simplified and streamlined interface aligned with Microsoft's Fluent Design language, improving accessibility and ease of use.

"This update represents both a visual and functional improvement, empowering users to locate and manage their files efficiently," states Miceile Barrett, Microsoft product manager. "The enhanced visual design minimizes clutter and distractions, keeping the focus on your content."

Reflecting current design trends, the new OneDrive interface mirrors elements found in Windows 11 and Microsoft's Office suite. While maintaining a simplified and modern aesthetic, the update introduces a "People View" feature, allowing users to locate files and documents based on connections with individuals they frequently collaborate with. This intuitive approach caters to users who may recall collaborators but not specific file names.

Furthermore, the updated OneDrive interface incorporates enhanced file filters for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF documents. Streamlining the process, the "Add New" button now offers consolidated options for uploading files and creating new documents directly through Office applications, eliminating the need for separate buttons.

The before and after.
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft's commitment to improving OneDrive extends beyond this update, with further enhancements planned specifically for business users. These advancements include offline access capabilities, improved loading times, and additional functionalities.

This update reinforces Microsoft's dedication to providing efficient and user-friendly cloud storage solutions for both personal and professional needs.