Notion Unveils Notion Projects Tool: New AI Features, Integrations with Third-Party Services, and More

Notion has introduced its new project management system that allows you to do more things on the platform without switching to other apps.

Notion Unveils Notion Projects Tool: New AI Features, Integrations with Third-Party Services, and More
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Notion has unveiled Notion Projects, its new project management system that lets you bring all aspects of collaboration together in one place without having to switch to other platforms. Key innovations: AI, Sprints, and ID features, as well as integration of Notion with many third-party services. Including Figma, Github Enterprise, Slack, etc.

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The main goal of the update is to make it possible for users to do more on the platform by consolidating their work in one place from the beginning of a project to the very end. To do this, Notion Projects uses artificial intelligence, which reduces the need for a team member to manually provide updates, update action items, or provide summaries in the workspace.

AI properties

New AI helps automate smaller tasks. Every Notion project now has something called AI Autofill. This feature can do things like generate summaries, create follow-ups and more, all AI auto-populated and then constantly updated throughout the project in all databases for everyone.

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Sprints Beta

The updated Sprint plans improve the workflow for development teams by giving them the perfect place to manage the entire project. You can plan, detail, and schedule sprints with ease thanks to centralized meeting notes, project timelines, and resources.

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Unique IDs for every issue

Unique ID is a database property that helps you manage projects and organize tasks. Once the property is added, IDs are automatically created for each new and existing database item. New IDs make it easy to refer to any issue or task from anywhere.

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New integrations

To further expand your project management experience, Notion has added new integrations with popular platforms such as Figma, Github Enterprise (new), Slack, Zoom, Google Drive, Jira, and Confluence. These integrations seamlessly connect your projects and tasks with other productivity platforms, making them even more effective for large organizations.

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How to access and explore new features

Sign in to your Notion account. After logging in, a preview of the project management features will be displayed, giving you the option to enable or skip new features.

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