Now you can use ChatGPT without an account

OpenAI removes account requirement for ChatGPT, its conversational AI platform. This widens access to explore AI capabilities. Account-free use offers basic interaction, while advanced features require accounts. Over 100 million users access ChatGPT weekly.

Now you can use ChatGPT without an account
Image: TheVerge

OpenAI has announced the removal of the account requirement for access to its conversational AI platform, ChatGPT. This change aims to increase accessibility and allow anyone to explore the capabilities of the technology.

Previously, users interested in interacting with ChatGPT needed to establish an OpenAI account. Since its launch in late 2022, ChatGPT has experienced significant growth, becoming one of the fastest-growing services on record. OpenAI offers paid subscriptions for access to advanced models and services like DALL-E 3, which will still require account creation.

While account-free access allows basic interaction with ChatGPT, functionalities such as chat history saving/reviewing, sharing chats, and voice-based conversations remain exclusive to account holders.

OpenAI reports that ChatGPT garners over 100 million weekly users across 185 countries. According to traffic tracker SimilarWeb, ChatGPT remains the most visited AI chatbot site despite competition from Google's Gemini. However, traffic has dipped slightly from its peak of 1.8 billion estimated visits in May 2023.

To address potential misuse, OpenAI has implemented "additional content safeguards" for the account-free experience. The specifics of these safeguards remain undisclosed. Notably, the option to opt out of model training with user data persists, allowing users to control how their interactions contribute to OpenAI's development efforts.

It's important to distinguish that other OpenAI products, such as the recently announced Voice Engine and Sora video creation platform, maintain a limited access model, requiring partnership or specific invitation for use. These services are not included in the benefits of holding an OpenAI account.